Lesley Irene Shore

Lesley Irene Shore

My Journey

While in college I found my calling; I wanted to help people heal their inner wounds. True to my dream, I earned an M.A., a Ph.D., and became a clinical psychologist. I worked in settings with fancy job titles that came with faculty appointments at prestigious schools. Back then I was a devout agnostic, psychology was my religion. I felt gratified by my career, was happily married, yet was haunted by a feeling that something was missing. I kept searching for that missing something.

I learned to meditate, took yoga classes, went on a shamanic journey, participated in Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, and helped start a group that offered women’s spiritual circles. But my transformation took place on the land where we lived—Harmony Farm.

On Harmony Farm, I gardened organically, tended medicinal herbs, and walked outside every day. It happened gradually, outside my conscious awareness, but slowly and surely, nature’s energy seeped into my being, and I felt more whole, more complete, more at peace with myself than ever before. I credited my nature-embracing lifestyle as having healed a psychospiritual wound and wrote two books that earned me a place in the then unrecognized field of ecopsychology.

After our children left home and my parents died, I founded the non-profit Harmony Center which was housed on our land. Its sacred space offered views of nature, and its range of programs helped people explore their spiritual landscape and find their own paths to the sacred.

More recently, Bill and I moved from Harmony Farm, and I closed my psychotherapy practice. My inner compass led me to a stone circle in nearby woods where sacred rituals align me with life’s wondrous rhythms. After decades of percolating underground, my book about engaging with nature and ways of communing with the sacred is ready to emerge.

I offer myself as your guide.