Lesley Irene Shore

Lesley Irene Shore

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Do you long to belong? To feel less lonely, more whole? If so, I’ve been writing this book with you in mind. It will guide you to become your fullest self while also experiencing yourself as part of a greater whole.

Your journey toward wholeness begins with connecting to your deeper self and attending to inner messages. As you make your way through this book, you’ll engage with the natural world and grow spiritual practices suited to your beliefs, fascinations, and sensory pathways. You’ll also learn to enact rituals that impart meaning to your human experience and align you with life’s larger rhythms.

No matter what your faith, or lack thereof, this book will empower you to further develop, or find and deepen, your path to wholeness.

I’m excited about writing this book and look forward to sharing it with you. Meanwhile, please subscribe to my blog.

Previously Published

Reclaiming Woman’s Voice: Becoming Whole

The same content with different titles, Reclaiming Woman’s Voice: Becoming Whole, published by Llewellyn, was reissued as Healing The Feminine: Reclaiming Woman’s Voice.

Given the recent challenges to women’s rights and concerns about global warming, this book’s message about valuing the feminine is needed more than ever. It advocates that we embrace our intuition as well as our ability to reason, appreciate our bodies, not just our minds, and that instead of trying to control nature, we align with her rhythms, cycles, and balancing processes.

Tending Inner Gardens: The Healing Art of Feminist Psychotherapy

Tending Inner Gardens: The Healing Art of Feminist Psychotherapy was published by Haworth Press and reissued by Routledge. This book introduces nature’s seasonal cycle as a model for successful psychotherapy and demonstrates how to tune techniques to the rhythms of each season.