Lesley Irene Shore

Lesley Irene Shore


September 8, 2016

We humans alter the Earth to suit our needs.  We impact our environment, often with little thought to long term consequences.

I’ve been blessed to live on 23 beautiful acres.  Harmony Farm’s pond, stream, woods, and fields have impacted every aspect of my being.  Admittedly, we changed the land by building a house, a barn and a studio, but we tried to do so in an earth-friendly manner.  When planting and tending gardens, we did so organically.

While living on this small slice of nature, I spent time each day outside.  My activity depended on the season.  I walked trails through the woods almost every day and when snow covered the ground I did so with snowshoes.  During spring summer and fall, I ate breakfast by the  pond listening to birdsong, inhaling the sights around me.  I also frequently swam in the pond – a delightful sensory experience.

Something important happened during the 36 years that I’ve lived on this land.  I changed.  It happened gradually, almost imperceptibly.  By spending time outside each day, I began feeling whole, more complete.  More peaceful and serene.

The land changed me.


  1. 4focusing

    Ah, you became one with the harmony of Harmony Farm . . . and now it will live in you always. This is written in the past tense, Lesley — do you have plans for leaving?

    • Lesley Irene Shore

      Wow, you did read between lines I hadn’t realized were there. Harmony Farm is for sale – which means I will leave here when that happens. To be continued…. More change!

  2. doug webb

    Hi, Irene. It was a blessing to read this new posting of yours. It was very timely, too. The land does indeed change you—for better or worse. When the Spirit of the place seeps into your soul it becomes a part of you and change is inevitable. I moved from a wonderful and powerfully healing place early last year, to what has turned out to be very negative land. Even the soil is too poor for planting unless it’s tremendously amended with compost, etc. With my own health—physical, spiritual, and emotional—slowly degrading to match my environment, I have to try to get back to where I lived before, as soon as I can afford to move from here. I hope ALL is well with you, and STAYS well. Your new post is a light shining in my darkness. I pray you continue to be richly blessed.


    • Lesley Irene Shore

      Oh Doug, your comment went deep into my heart and touched my soul. You write beautifully and truly understand how everything is interconnected and interrelated. I love your phrase “when the Spirit of the place seeps into your soul it becomes part of you.”
      It’s a shame that you left that nurturing and healing environment. Whatever the reason for your departure, I hope you can return there soon. I believe that everyone is affected by the energy of place, but some more sensitive people experience it more deeply. I’m grateful for 36 years of living on Harmony Farm and feel very blessed by my fortune. Even if you can’t return to your prior home, I hope you soon move to a place that heals and nurtures you – body, mind and spirit.

      • douglas

        Thanks so much Lesley.I’ll find a way to get back there eventually. I’m told the old place misses me too. One dear older woman there calls me the “Keeper of The Forest”. I roamed the 13,500 acres of Forest, swamps, and islands in the Ms River for forty two years til I was given my present abode by someone who came to me with lung cancer. He’s cancer free now, but as I said, my own health is now in jeopardy on so many levels, being so far removed from the source that set me on the healer’s path and taught me how to help others. Now, it’s time to get to work on myself.

        • Lesley Irene Shore

          Yes, you now need to take care of yourself. Please keep me posted!

  3. Melinda

    Well said, dear Lesley. I didn’t know you before you lived on that special land, but you are clearly imbued with the depth and beauty of the place. Fairies are not so shy there, and the verdant spirit of Mother Earth makes herself freely known in the colors and sounds and smells that live in that place of…harmony! Which now will always live in you.

    • Lesley Irene Shore

      Dear Melinda, I feel blessed to know you. Our friendship feeds the soil of my soul. Your poetry speaks to me in images and song. Thank you for being you and for sharing your wonderful perspective with us all.


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