Lesley Irene Shore

Lesley Irene Shore


April 20, 2023

My manuscript went through many revisions. What began as a memoir morphed into an amalgam of part memoir and part instructional guide. After many years of working on it, I hoped the manuscript was ready to begin the next phase of its journey. But when I shared the manuscript with a trusted writer friend, she advised me to consider another revision. I knew she was right. Instead of querying agents, I began re-visioning.

Like a snake who sheds its skin in order to grow, I first needed to release the manuscript’s old form. While awaiting inspiration, I set intentions and left offerings in the woods. Months passed. I communed with the land—with rocks, trees, hawks, deer, and a wild turkey. When spring sprung forth, I welcomed sightings of snakes along the trails.

This morning’s powerful new moon—a second new moon in Aries plus a rare solar eclipse—brought energy around finishing old business and beginning anew.

The new hasn’t emerged. Yet stirrings wiggle.


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