Lesley Irene Shore

Lesley Irene Shore


July 26, 2022

The seasons turned into years. Where have I been? What was I doing? And why have I neglected this blog?

I was writing a book, and writing the book demanded all of my attention. It’s been a labor of love and I’m delighted to report that I finally finished the manuscript. I’m savoring a quiet summer day and wanted to share my happy news before beginning the daunting process of finding its agent and / or publisher.

When I sat down to write this book, I thought about the people who yearn for something more. People who might have explored spiritual practices, such as meditation and yoga, but continue searching for that missing something. I used to be one of those people … until I forged my path to the sacred by engaging with nature.

Today, as I left my apartment to go outside for a walk, I stopped to admire owl sculptures that sit on top of a cabinet positioned in an alcove beside our door. My mother made those owls. She loved working with clay, and created owls perched on driftwood, large standing owls, and owl plaques that hang on walls. Her varied stoneware creations often included natural elements, but she was particularly fascinated with owls.

Among other things, my book suggests that following our fascinations can lead to spiritual practices that work for us. I wish I’d asked about Mother’s owl fascination while she was alive.


  1. Iris Weaver

    I was so happy to hear from you! I had recently wondered what you had been up to.

    • Lesley Irene Shore

      Great to hear from you, Iris! I hope you’re well and that you’re still teaching about herbs. You have much to offer and I feel honored to know you.

      • Iris Weaver

        Thanks! I am still teaching about the plants and loving it so much!

        • Lesley Irene Shore

          Delighted to hear this, Iris. Your Soul Gardens offerings are so helpful to people, and so needed at this time. Glad we reconnected!

  2. Simone Writer

    Hi Lesley, I just read your book “Tending Inner Gardens.” It speaks to me deeply. I’m happy to have found your blog, and I look forward to your next book!

    • Lesley Irene Shore

      Thank you Simone! Your comment lifted my spirits as I embark on the journey of getting my next book published. I’m looking for an agent who wants to represent my manuscript. I hope you signed up for my blog as I plan to post more regularly.


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