Lesley Irene Shore

Lesley Irene Shore

Spring has Sprung

May 27, 2012

Spring springs forth with great abandon and joy.  Each day brings new surprises as Earth’s creative energy finds expression everywhere I look.

The landscape grows greener day by day.  Green shoots break through the ground, then rapidly uncoil to rise further up, moving toward the sun.  Leaves sprout forth from trunk and stem, then expand outward.

A chicken sits on eggs in the barn.  Usually hens roost at night – which means that they perch on an above-ground structure.  When a hen “goes broody,” she first remains in the nest, sitting on her eggs, for longer and longer each day, and then starts spending the night there.  She patiently sits, day after day, only getting up now and again to take a few sips of water and eat a few morsels of food.  Beneath her warming body, baby chicks are forming. 

A ewe birthed a beautiful baby lamb last night.  She carefully licked it off, and immediately began nurturing it.  When I saw them together this morning, the lamb was standing on long scrawny legs sucking milk from her mother’s teat. 

I too feel Earth’s creative surge.  My fingers twitch with joy as I head out to plant a package of seeds.  Earth will nurture these seeds.  When the time is right, the seeds will germinate, and follow inner directives to send roots down deeper, push heads up higher, branch out in all directions, flower and bear fruit.

We similarly receive inner directives to grow.  Growth takes us in many directions: into the soil of our deeper selves, out toward other beings and all of Earth, also up toward the light.  Following inner directives helps us grow into wholeness. 

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  1. Melinda

    Belatedly, thanks for this beautiful post. I have had it in my ‘inbox’ since I received it and have read it several times. And what a great picture! Thanks for the reminders to be present for the miracles that unfold before us day by day.


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