Lesley Irene Shore

Lesley Irene Shore

Spring’s Rebirthing

May 13, 2023

Cool air caresses my cheeks as I enter the woods. A scurrying sound alerts me to a squirrel’s dash out of harm’s way, up a tree. I make my way down a well-worn trail that weaves through scraggly bushes and around sturdy trees. Tree buds swell, explode into leaves. Ferns unfold spirals and Solomon’s seal sprouts her pendulous body. Sunlight filters through trees overhead, casting shadows on the ground. Dark and light shift atop the leaf littered trail.

The trail pulls me along, shows me the way. Some spiritual teachers recommend walking mindfully, focusing on each footstep, each sound, each smell, each image along the way. It’s an excellent practice, also a stress reduction technique, but I like allowing my mind to wander while I walk. When I allow my thoughts to ramble along with my feet, I’m often amazed by where they take me.

Noticing new greenbrier shoots, I snip one off with my thumb and forefinger, then pop it into my mouth. It tastes of green, and vibrant energy swirls through my body. I thank the greenbrier and can’t resist sampling more and more as I continue my walk.

I head up a hill, over craggy rocks, and it’s as if I’m climbing a sacred mountain. I walk on hallowed ground.

There’s a mystery unfolding on the land. Spring’s rebirthing.


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